• The Swincar E-Spider is the world's most amazing ATV

    Leaning - in the parlance of physics, a shifting of the center of gravity - is an elegant way to turn a bike or motorcycle, though one that comes at the expense of stability and traction. But when the number of wheels exceeds two, lean is something that gets engineered away.
  • Audrey Hepburn: An icon who knew the horrors of war

    A new exhibition reveals rarely seen images of Audrey Hepburn. BBC Culture traces how the Belgian-born actress survived near-starvation to captivate the world.
  • Candid camera: Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot

    From cartes de visite to paparazzi shots, a new exhibition charts the evolution of celebrity portraits. BBC Culture reveals nine, including a rare snap of Joan Crawford with freckles.
  • The most accurate clocks in space

    At first, Shri Kulkarni didn't think it was a big deal. It was the middle of the night in September 1982, and he was at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, using the enormous radio dish to hunt for pulsars: the ultra-dense, rapidly spinning corpses of massive stars.
  • Russia makes renewed bid for contentious Arctic regions - BBC News

    Russia has renewed its efforts to get the United Nations to recognise 1.2 million sq km (463,000 sq miles) of the Arctic shelf that it lays claim to. It made a similar move for the resource-rich territory in 2001, but that was rejected by a UN commission because of insufficient evidence.
  • Male butterflies in sperm war

    When it comes to sex, male butterflies have a most inventive and unusual way of competing with their rivals. By manipulating their sperm, and dousing females in off-putting scents, male green-veined white butterflies ( Pieris napi) can compete with other males they haven't even met.
  • Wraith 'Inspired by Music' is the rockin' Roller

    According to the company, the musical connection dates to 1961, when a 27-year-old Elvis Presley, giddy after signing a five-year contract with movie producer Hal Wallis, walked into a Beverly Hills Rolls showroom and ordered a Phantom V.
  • A look into Cyber Weapons of the Future

    Remember the good 'ol days when you thought of a finger pushing a button that launched a Russian missile that then sped at seven miles per second towards the U.S. to blow it up?
  • Five Surprising Myths About Gas Mileage

    Driving a smaller car isn't always better when it comes to saving on gas. Here's a look at five myths about gas mileage that could be costing you.
  • Homes Owned by Trump, NFL's Dansby and More

    Stefanos Chen takes a look at this week's Private Properties, including a Park Avenue penthouse owned by Donald Trump, and NFL star Carlos Dansby is selling his Florida mansion with a home theater. Photo: Evan Joseph Images
  • Obama's Climate Plan: Winners and Losers

    8/3/2015 7:56PM As President Obama sets a bold course for lowering carbon emissions to combat climate change, who will benefit and who may pay a price? Photo: AP Transcript This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
  • Can Algorithms Replace Mom's Home Cooking?

    Can algorithms replace the intricate process for making roti, the traditional Indian flatbread? The WSJ's Joanna Stern and Geoffrey Fowler test the Rotimatic at the Converge technology conference.
  • Opinion Journal: Will Joe Biden Jump In?

    Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot on why the Vice President may challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Photo: Getty Images
  • Oil's Drop Below $50 May Be Just the Start as Demand Swoons

    U.S. refineries, which turned a record amount of crude into gasoline during July, typically slow down from August through October.
  • Shanghai Cop Grows Superfood in Aussie Outback for China

    Yin Jian Zhong pulls off the felt cowboy hat protecting his head from the harsh north Australian sun as he stands in an irrigated field and points to a thin crop of black hair on his otherwise bald pate.
  • Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale file for divorce

    Monday was D-Day — divorce day — for yet another celebrity couple: Rock stars Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are splitting after 13 years of marriage.
  • Bee swarm kills Calif. construction worker

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) - A fire chief says a worker has died after being stung by bees that swarmed a Southern California construction site.
  • Venture capital to make diversity pledge at White House Demo Day

    SAN FRANCISCO - Venture capitalists will pledge concrete measures to bring greater diversity to their predominantly white male profession during a high-profile event at the White House.
  • Moody's: Puerto Rico in default after measly payment

    Debt-ravaged Puerto Rico is in default after forking over only a fraction due in a bond payment, raising the prospect of further pain for the recession-plagued commonwealth and potential impacts on U.S. investors.
  • American huntress defends killing giraffe: They are 'very dangerous animals'

    An American huntress who shot and killed a range of animals in South Africa's Kruger National Park last week and then shared her "kill shots" on Facebook, sparking a wave of criticism while the world was still recovering over the loss of Cecil the Lion, says she's not a "cold-hearted killer."
  • Super Typhoon Soudelor close to becoming a monstrous Category 5 storm

    Super Typhoon Soudelor has rapidly intensified in the Northwest Pacific, with sustained winds of 178 miles per hour, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).
  • Tim McGraw gets out-of-this-world response from NASA astronaut and ISS

    "Live Like You Were Dying" crooner Tim McGraw and live-like-you-are-in-space NASA astronaut Scott Kelly are trading tweets Monday after the country star shared his upcoming song "Top of The World" with NASA. Kelly is aboard the International Space Station.
  • Papal Apartments: 3 Popes' Humble Homes

    The Pope's visit to his native South America got me thinking. I suppose it is as much a commentary on the difference between the American Dream and European expectations as anything else, but you can't help but notice that the last three popes come from very humble beginnings.
  • Schumann's Song of Love (1947)

    Composer Robert Schumann struggles to compose his symphonies while his loving wife Clara offers her support. Also helping the Schumanns is their lifelong friend, composer Johannes Brahms.
  • El Niño Could Mean Extreme Weather, Fewer Anchovies

    Conditions are right for a strong El Niño this year, and scientists are predicting a wide range of effects.
  • How Finding Debris Could Quickly Solve Mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight

    After a long search, answers could come quickly. Here's how.
  • Martha Hunt Reveals What It's Like To Be In Taylor Swift's Squad

    Martha Hunt is one of the newest additions to Victoria's Secret's brigade of Angels, but that's not the only crew that calls her a valued member.
  • Extreme Measures Americans Are Already Taking Before Pope Visit

    The U.S. will host Pope Francis September 22-27, and Americans and papal tourists are taking some extreme and creative measures in preparation.
  • Stop Everything. THIS Is How You Make An Incredible Iced Coffee.

    There's nothing like that first sip of cold, refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer morning. But give it time, and your favorite pick-me-up inevitably falls flat as the ice cubes begin to melt down into a bland, watery mess.
  • Review: Cruise goes 'Rogue' in new 'Mission'

    Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation doubles as a two-hour celebrity episode of American Ninja Warrior for Tom Cruise.