• Video Interview: Alain Laboile | LensCulture

    A wonderful, insightful, candid interview with French photographer Alain Laboile, a self-taught master of intimate photography whose subject is his own family
  • 5 ways Criminals hack your PC

    Hackers are hell-bent on busting into the network of their targets. They are persistent-never giving up. When you build your defense against cyber criminals, it must be done with the idea that they WILL succeed. When you operate on this assumption rather than thinking that your anti this and anti that are all you need, you'll have the best cyber security in place.
  • Stankiewicz - Lucy (Official Music Video)

    "Lucy" jest siodmym utworem z najnowszego albumu Kasi Stankiewicz "Lucy And The Loop". Na magicznej i zmiennej Islandii powstal teledysk do piosenki 'Lucy', w ktorym kazdy moze odnalezc lustrzane odbicie samego siebie. Transformacja dotyczy kazdego z nas. Podnoszac sie z ziemi, biegniemy do celu jak puma, by finalnie byc wolnymi jak ptak, a samotnosc jest wstepem do poznania siebie.
  • Hiking to the top of Jasper National Park

    Standing on Jasper National Park's Skyline Trail, exhausted from shouldering a 13kg backpack for two days, I looked far ahead to where the route became a faint, jagged line running straight up the face of the mountain. "That's where we're going - the Notch," said my guide Sarah Peterson.
  • Sick honeybees may be nursed by doctors

    They are among the most industrious creatures on the planet, but honeybees still struggle when they're ill. Once a disease takes hold inside a hive, the bees can become sluggish and disorientated, and many may die.
  • Raise a flute for global Champagne Day

    Bubbly lovers take note: October 24 has been designated international Champagne Day.
  • Royals bullpen holds off Giants, lead World Series 2-1

    SAN FRANCISCO - Breaking down Game 3 of the World Series from AT&T Park: Box score: Royals 3, Giants 2; Royals Giants lead series 2-1
  • It Only Takes 45 Seconds Of His Story To See Why Hollywood Ate It Right Up

    Louis Zamperini has been through enough in his life to make 10 movies out of — he was bullied as a kid, was in the Air Force and got stranded at sea for 47 days, was captured and imprisoned in a POW camp, and struggled with PTSD (before anyone knew what it was) and alcoholism.
  • Long Wake “The Death of Klinghoffer,” at the Met.

    "The Death of Klinghoffer," John Adams's perennially contentious opera about terrorism at sea, received its first Metropolitan Opera performance on October 20th, twenty-three years after its world première.
  • How Successful People Handle Toxic People

    Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people's buttons.