• Hillary Clinton proposes tax on high-frequency trading

    Former CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton breaks down Hillary Clinton's Wall Street reform plan.
  • NASA: Proof of alien life closer

    They may not be "Star Trek"-type extraterrestrials, but we may be close to finding evidence of alien life, a NASA scientist says.
  • Queen Nefertiti's tomb found?

    Have archeologists made one of the greatest discoveries in Egyptology ever? British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves believes he has followed clues that may lead to the tomb of Queen Nefertiti. He believes Nefertiti shares a tomb with Egypt's most famous king, Tutankhamen. CNN's Ian Lee brings you the story.
  • 'Fat Guy Across America' Hits New York

    He had no job, no car, no home of his own. He weighed 567 pounds, and his wife had left him. So Eric Hites started riding a bike from coast to coast.
  • Cheers and Booze at College Stadiums

    More universities are embracing the sale of alcohol at football games, but not everyone is comfortable with the trend.
  • Collin McHugh Overcomes Rain to Pitch Houston Past Kansas City

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Collin McHugh used to be a Met. Remember?
  • Eyeing Russia, Western Nations Reinforce Defenses in Europe

    BRUSSELS — Confronted with its biggest military challenge since the end of the Cold War, a weakened NATO took steps Thursday to shore up its flanks, both in the Middle East and Europe, as Russia continued to test the credibility of the alliance’s bedrock principle of collective defense.
  • Bull Festivals Stampede in Spain

    Every year across Spain, adrenaline addicts travel from town to town to run with bulls on the streets and inside makeshift arenas. Photo: Jeannette Neumann/The Wall Street Journal
  • Russian warships launch missiles into Syria from Caspian Sea

    (Ret.) U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales on Russia's involvement in Syria.
  • Tony Robbins gives tips for a compelling future

    Entrepreneur Tony Robbins shares his thoughts on the 2016 election and how to succeed in retirement.
  • Trump planning an exit strategy?

    Washington Examiner Reporter Sarah Westwood and Democratic Strategist Robert Zimmerman on the 2016 presidential race.
  • These 20 Totally Unique Watches Are Blowing Our Mind

    Every two years, Only Watch in Geneva brings together the industry's biggest names to aid muscular dystrophy research by auctioning off exclusive yet fun, one-of-a-kind watches designed specifically for the event. Phillips's watch department is officiating, and more than 40 brands will be participating. Here are some of the most mind-blowing creations hitting the block Nov. 7 that we have our eye on.
  • So What If London's Biggest Art Fair Is On? Go to These Events Instead

    What to do and see during Frieze when you don’t have a spare million to spend.
  • Down on Diesel? The 2016 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Is a Greener Pasture

    The plug-in hybrid version of the ubiquitous fancy SUV is there to make you feel good about yourself—at a price.
  • Microsoft Unveils First Laptop, New Lumia Phones

    New high-end smartphones and an update to the Surface Pro tablet were expected at Microsoft's New York City press event on Tuesday. The surprise? Surface Book, the company's very first laptop. Photo: Getty Images
  • China Completes World's Longest Glass Walkway

    In September, China completed the world's longest glass walkway. Photo: AP.
  • Chronicling America's Love Affair With Pizza

    "The United States of Pizza" author Craig Priebe joins Lunch Break With Tanya Rivero and discusses the numerous variations of pizza found around the country. Photo: Rizzoli/Jeff Kauck

  • Meryl Streep defends feminist credentials as Suffragette opens London film festival

    It has taken a decade to get off the ground, but as Suffragette received its UK premiere as the opening film of the London film festival, the film’s director revealed that she was determined not to be knocked off course in her quest to make her 10-year “passion project”. “A film is never easy,” said Sarah Gavron, “but this was a tough proposition because we wanted to stick to our guns. We pushed through all the obstacles.”
  • FUNN to unveil details of 3rd Sharjah International Children's Film Festival

    FUNN, the Sharjah-based foundation dedicated to promoting media arts for and among children and youth in the UAE, will hold a press conference at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and industry on Monday, October 12th, to reveal the details of the 3rd edition of the Sharjah International Children's Film Festival (SICFF).
  • Video - Ktos Nowy

  • Migrant crisis: Hollande and Merkel urge EU unity - BBC News

    The French and German leaders have urged EU members to act together to tackle the migrant crisis which has seen more than 600,000 people arrive in the bloc during 2015. French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a revamped system for dealing with asylum claims. They spoke during a joint address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
  • Lexus builds a driveable paper sedan

    The most experienced and revered members of the Lexus production lines - the black belts of of the car-building world - are known as takumi. These are the masters of their respective trades, be it paint or engine-assembly or wood veneer, and one of the tests of takumi's manual dexterity, says Lexus, is the making of a folded-paper cat using only the non-dominant hand.
  • India's temples of sex

    In December 2013, India's LGBT community suffered a severe setback as the country's Supreme Court ruled homosexuality to be a criminal offence. More recently, in August 2015, the Indian government imposed a ban, lifted conditionally a few days later, on more than 800 websites deemed pornographic, in an ostensible bid to curb child pornography and sexual violence.
  • Ronaldo recalls Ferguson compassion

    Cristiano Ronaldo recalls the time that his then-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson granted him compassionate leave during a key part of the season to visit his sick father.
  • 12 Ways to secure your Home

    The FBI says that in the U.S., one out of every 36 homes will be raided by thieves in any given year. Often, the burglars were able to get in due to the residents' carelessness.
  • The Voice of Poland VI - William Prestigiacomo - „I Wish

  • Dust off your digital devices inside and out

    Hackers know small companies are more vulnerable to data breaches due to limited resources. Cybersecurity should always be a high priority. But when a company’s IT staff consists of maybe 1-2 people who are provided limited budgets and are constantly solving other tech problems, the focus on security suffers. And hackers aren’t the only problem. One significantly overlooked part of the security process “cleaning” the IT infrastructure.
  • The Voice of Poland VI - Ewa Lewandowska - „All of Me

  • Beyonce - Listen (Dreamgirls)

    Dreamgirls (Movie)