• Iceland's Brutal Landscapes Shape Its Cutting-Edge Tech

    From When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, no country suffered more than Iceland. Sure, plenty of places fell into economic ruin, with companies going bankrupt and millions of jobs lost.
  • KT McFarland: Clinton's public corruption is sickening

    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland on Donald Trump's verbal attacks against Hillary Clinton's foreign policies.
  • Battle Of The Bastards: 3 Leadership Lessons

    Game Of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton might be television's most hated villain of all time. Here are 3 leadership takeaways from the Battle Of The Bastards.
  • Clinton Hammers Trump Over Brexit Response in New National Ad

    Clinton surrogate says Trump focused on sprinkler systems while markets tanked.
  • New Hubble telescope photo shows brilliant star cluster within a nearby galaxy

    The Hubble Space Telescope stared deeply into a small galaxy not far from the Milky Way and saw something beautiful.
  • 50 Cent gets arrested for dropping F-bomb at concert in Saint Kitts

    Rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was arrested on Saturday night for his use of profanity during a performance at the St. Kitts Music Festival.
  • U.K. may still prosper after leaving EU

    FNC Contributor Richard Grenell, The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Christopher Bedford and U.S.-U.K. Relations Expert Ted bromund on what the future may hold for the U.K.
  • Wimbledon By The Numbers

    The 2016 Wimbledon Championships begin June 27th. Here are some facts and figures about the world's oldest tennis tournament.
  • Pound's Record Loss Seen Just the Beginning With U.K. in Turmoil

    The big question for pound traders may have been answered, but the outlook for the currency is murkier than ever.
  • Tax Identity Theft jumps on Payroll Scams

    Do you work for a corporation, especially in the U.S.? You may be at risk for tax return fraud.
  • Hacking Cars Getting Easier and More Dangerous

    If your car is in any way connected to the Internet, it can get hacked into. You know it's only a matter of time before hackers begin infiltrating motor vehicles in droves, being that vehicles are plagued with hundreds to thousands of security vulnerabilities.
  • Technology and Home Security wed

    Gone is the day when, while out on a romantic evening with your special someone, you suddenly realize you forgot to turn on your house alarm. You spend the rest of the long evening fretting about this.
  • Former NYSE CEO: U.S. now a society of dependency

    Former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso on the 2016 presidential race and the need to focus on economic growth.
  • Iconic Queen Mary 2 returns to service after massive makeover

    HAMBURG, Germany -- The iconic Queen Mary 2 resumed trans-Atlantic service on Tuesday following a massive, 23-day makeover at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Germany.
  • Is Michael Jackson on trial in court of public opinion years after death?

    The seventh anniversary of Michael Jackson's death is Saturday and for his family and fansit could have been an opportunity for happy reminiscences about his life and career. Not anymore.
  • A damaging derecho threatens to barrel across the Midwest on Wednesday

    An outbreak of severe thunderstorms is erupting across parts of the Midwest, with Chicago, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio in the crosshairs of what could become a long-lasting damaging wind event known as a "derecho."
  • Record-breaking heat intensifies West Coast wildfires

    The heat wave on the West Coast has intensified wildfires. At least six people have died from heat-related causes this summer, w hile more than 800 California residents have been forced to evacuate their homes. The extreme heat is expected to last through mid-July.
  • How a Tesla SolarCity buy would impact investors

    Gerber Kawasaki CEO Ross Gerber explains why he thinks Tesla's proposed acquisition of SolarCity is bad for Tesla shareholders.
  • KT McFarland: Clinton's public corruption is sickening

    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland on Donald Trump's verbal attacks against Hillary Clinton's foreign policies.
  • Mortgage Scams plague Homeowners and Agents

    There are things you should know before you purchase your next house-even if you foresee that being years away. Take note of what's in this article-and keep the notes where you'll never forget where they are.
  • Jadwiga Smosarska

  • Oogee Wawa Gear Up for Release of “Palm Trees” Single July 1


    Having Completed Their Year-End “Festival of the Arts” Celebration, the Arts Center Has More in Store with Specialty Camps Taught By Top Artists Performers in Their Respective Fields

  • Hackers hacking Banks big time

    "Anonymous" is an activist hacking group that has recently boasted that it will engage in 30 days of cyber assaults against "all central banks," reports an article on cnbc.com.

  • FDA approves weight-loss pump

    A new weight-loss device sucks food directly out of your stomach. Dr. Marc Siegel of the Fox News Medical A-Team with more.
  • Malgorzata Kozuchowska & Radzimir Debski - Rozplatani

  • Donald Trump's Four Favorite Words

    In defending his policies, as he did after Orlando, Trump likes to say, “We have no choice.” He’s wrong.
  • Bar Omar, a Portal to Paris

    In Paris, especially on beautiful summer nights, Chez Omar still has a line out the door, almost forty years after it opened.