• Jihad Comes to Africa

    Boko Haram, al-Shabaab and other ruthless groups threaten to turn the continent into global jihad’s deadliest front.
  • August Emil Fieldorf: General Nil. Dokument, czesc 1/3.

  • A Renewables Revolution Is Toppling the Dominance of Fossil Fuels in U.S. Power

    Renewable energy was the biggest source of new power added to U.S. electricity grids last year as falling prices and government incentives made wind and solar increasingly viable alternatives to fossil fuels.
  • Stocks sink as oil falls below $30

    Scott Martin of United Advisors on the impact of low oil prices on the stock market.
  • Four of America's Shale Gas Plays are Now Void of All Drilling

    As U.S. natural gas prices collapse to 1990s-era lows, producers in four shale plays are cutting their losses.
  • New York Welcomes Calvin Klein's New Underwear Hunk and YouTube's Tyler Oakley

    Occasionally, and especially when one's own gym visits have receded into the distant past, one finds oneself face-to-navel with greatness.
  • In Ecuador, the Frugal Traveler Tries Luxury

    What does going upscale mean for your vacation? Our Frugal Traveler finds out in Ecuador, where he gets the royal treatment — but has to look elsewhere for the serendipitous adventure he prefers.
  • Eli Manning's Super Bowl advice to brother Peyton

    New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning discusses the Super Bowl and his brother Peyton. He is also joined by Nationwide Chief Marketing Officer Terrance Williams.
  • Cleo - Zabiore nas

  • It's Now Illegal For Supermarkets To Waste Food In France

    Food producers and distributors have to compost or donate any unsold goods.
  • Historic Meeting Of Christian Leaders Aims To Heal 1,000-Year-Old Rift

    The meeting will be the first between a pope and a Russian Orthodox Patriarch in history.
  • New Zika Guidelines Will Change How Lots Of Americans Have Sex

    As our knowledge of the virus changes, so do the guidelines.
  • The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry Could Be Built on Genetic Code

    You assert the importance of a variety of disruptive technologies from robots to genetics to coded money. What in your mind will have the most impact on the day to day lives of our children when compared to how we live?
  • Dawid Podsiadlo - Powiedz mi, ze nie chcesz

  • One in six new Dutch firms is launched by a 'foreigner' - DutchNews.nl

    One in six companies launched in the Netherlands in 2014 was started by someone who was either a dual or...
  • Dutch public prosecutor to appeal against Mein Kampf ruling, wants ban upheld - DutchNews.nl

    The public prosecution department said on Friday it is to appeal against a decision by judges in Amsterdam to clear an antique shop owner who put copies of Mein Kampf on sale of disseminating hatred
  • Buka & Rahim ft. Natalia Nykiel - Obiecuje Ci (official video) prod. DonDe

  • Dutch company in talks to take over bankrupt V&D - DutchNews.nl

    The official receivers dealing with the bankruptcy of department store group V&D are in 'advanced talks' with a Dutch company...
  • 20 cases of the Zika virus recorded so far in the Netherlands - DutchNews.nl

    At least 20 people in the Netherlands have been infected with the Zika virus, a mosquito-spread disease now spreading in South America, health minister Edith Schippers said on Friday. All of them are thought to have contracted the disease while in Suriname and none are believed to be pregnant, the minister said.
  • Ewa Farna - Tu

  • Bernie's closing statement from last night's debate - easily his best debate yet.

    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he's running for president because it's too late for establishment politics and economics during his closing remarks on the MSNBC Democratic Candidates Debate.
  • How Glass Break Sensors work

    Your home should have multiple layers of protection. You've certainly heard that before. Motion detection is a critical layer of protection, and this is comprised of the simple act of unauthorized movement sensed as the result of breaking and entry. Glass break is similar in concept. One detects movement the other detects sound.
  • Dawid Podsiadlo - 4:30

  • When is Chinese New Year 2016? Year of the Monkey - Everything you need to know and how to celebrate in London

    Each Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 blocks (or houses) just like its western counterpart, but with the major difference being that each house has a time-length of one year instead of one month.
  • Newly-knighted Van Morrison promises Prince Charles he won't be retiring

    ''For 53 years I've been in the business - that's not bad for a blue-eyed soul singer from east Belfast.'' Sir Van's best known songs range from the 1960s tracks Baby, Please Don't Go and Gloria, with the band Them, to solo efforts like Moondance, Sweet Thing and Have I Told You Lately.
  • Advice group says no to relaxing euthanasia rules to cover being tired of life - DutchNews.nl

    There is no need to update the current euthanasia legislation to take account of very elderly people who feel their life is complete, a government advisory committee said on Thursday. The committee was set up following the acquittal of a man who had helped his 99-year-old mother to die because she felt her life was at an end.
  • European court challenges Britain's right to deport foreign criminals

    The case intensifies pressure on David Cameron, whose renegotiation has not touched on the powers of the ECJ over British law. Yesterday he promised to bring forward legislative proposals soon that will "put beyond doubt" the sovereignty of the Commons over European law.
  • Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful ft. Emeli Sandé

  • Sorry, stop posing Kids' Photos online

    Frankly, naked babies shouldn't be a big deal. If you don't have naked baby pictures of your kids in the kitchen sink then you aren't human. BUT....the world has changed. If you compare posting your children's photos online with whipping out a wallet photo of your toddler daughter in the bathtub to your dinner party guests, I will have a bird.
  • Impact of international investors on U.S. commercial real estate

    CBRE CEO Bob Sulentic on the state of commercial real estate in the U.S.