• Polska jest najbogatszym krajem swiata!!! O te zloza toczy sie III wojna swiatowa?

    Polska jest NAJBOGATSZYM krajem swiata polozonym w sercu Europy.
  • This Week's Night Sky: Jupiter's Moons in a Double Eclipse

    A backyard telescope will reveal the shadows of Io and Ganymede merge on the surface of the gas giant.
  • Pictures: Black Rhinos Back in Tribal Africa After 25-Year Absence

    Black rhinos were killed off from Samburu country by poachers, but now the community is bringing them back.
  • 14,000 websites protest Patriot Act with 'blackout' and semi-nude photos

    Members of Congress are in for a surprise if they visit one of more 14,200 websites currently protesting the Patriot Act with a redirect to a site covered with semi-nude photos.
  • Cloudy skies give Manhattenhenge photos a Monet-like feel

    Instagrammers couldn't get enough of the celestial phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge Friday evening despite disappointing conditions.
  • Justyna Steczkowska Alkimja

  • Bente Kahan - Yidl Mitn Fidl

  • Smartphones for Kids aren't such a good Idea

    Maybe you believe that kids should not have smartphones because the devices can tell a pedophile where a child is located. But there's other reasons that perhaps you haven't thought of: cyberbullying, violent porn, online drug purchases, you name it.
  • Uber Unveils Design Concept For Its New, 420,000 Square-Foot Headquarters In SF

    Images detailing the design of Uber's giant new San Francisco corporate headquarters have emerged, showing what the new, two-building corporate campus should look like when it opens up in a few years.
  • Google Photos' Unlimited Free Storage Could Clobber Apple's Expensive iCloud

    How much does a terabyte of photo storage cost? On iCloud, $240 a year. Dropbox, $100. Microsoft OneDrive, $84.
  • Hillary Clinton Gets Ready For First Campaign Rally

    NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton will use a kickoff rally next month to lay out her most detailed policy vision to date, bringing together ideas and themes she has started to discuss during campaign stops so far in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.
  • Dick Fuld, Disgraced Former CEO Of Lehman Brothers, Makes Public Comeback

    Dick Fuld, part villain and part unforgivably very confused bystander to the financial crisis in the eyes of most -- and a victim of the financial crisis to himself -- made a bizarre comeback at a conference in New York on Thursday.
  • Scandalous Details Emerge Of FIFA Maneuvers... Putin Defends Blatter...

    ZURICH (AP) - As defiant as ever, Sepp Blatter resisted calls to resign as FIFA president Thursday and deflected blame for the massive bribery and corruption scandal engulfing soccer's world governing body.
  • The Voice of Poland - Bitwa - Michal Sobierajski kontra Alicja Wasita - „You Raise Me Up

  • Has the Last Human Trekked to the North Pole?

    Thinning Arctic ice and lack of air support force an end to expeditions this year—and maybe forever.
  • Meet The Richest: Self-Made American Women

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  • Brightest Galaxy Yet Shines With Light of 300 Trillion Suns

    A gigantic quasar creates a beacon that can be seen across the cosmos.
  • Teens says Taylor Swift's light bracelets saved their lives

    She calls sick kids. She sends fans presents out of the blue. Now, apparently, the programmable LED bracelets fans get when they attend one of Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour concerts save lives.
  • New Google Photos app offers unlimited uploads

    VENICE BEACH, Calif. -- Google is doubling down on photo sharing, with a new app for Apple and Android, and the Web.
  • A better way to deliver innovation to the world

    L. Rafael Reif is president of MIT. In 2012, MIT researchers introduced a liquid-impregnated surface that made the inside of a bottle so slippery that ketchup would flow out freely to the last drop.
  • What to Know About First-Class Upgrades

    More travelers have to pay if they want to upgrade to a first-class seat, but airlines are dropping prices to make those upgrades tempting. WSJ's Scott McCartney reports. Photo: Getty
  • As Animal Poaching Surges, Organized Crime Plays Bigger Role

    Rhino horn and elephant ivory trafficking may be the soft underbelly of international criminal syndicates, says law enforcement veteran.
  • See the Incredible Zagato Mostro, Making Its Debut in Lake Como

    This weekend at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este near Lake Como, the famous coachbuilder Zagato will show off its latest creation.
  • Spain and Poland's Message to Europe

    Leaders of the European Union might be too busy prolonging the crisis in Greece to notice some interesting electoral developments in Spain and Poland. They ought to make the time.
  • Putin Lashes U.S. on FIFA Probe as Russia Denies Wrongdoing

    Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. of using a corruption probe to try to block the re-election of FIFA chief Joseph "Sepp" Blatter for resisting attempts to remove Russia's right to host the 2018 World Cup.
  • Is F-35 Jet Finally Operational? Marines Put It To Test

    The U.S. Marine Corps is testing six F-35Bs aboard the USS Wasp off the coast of Virginia to see if the delayed and costly Joint Strike Fighter will be ready by July. WSJ's Madeline Marshall reports.
  • Opinion Journal: Defusing California's Pension Bomb

    Independent Institute Senior Fellow Lawrence McQuillan on his new book, "California Dreaming," and how to right the state's finances. Photo credit: Getty Images.
  • Six insanely cheap destinations for summer 2015

    This summer, why not go where the prices are unusually cheap and the dollar is unexpectedly strong?
  • Kim Kardashian lands another 'Vogue' cover, channels Marilyn Monroe

    Kim Kardashian had a Marilyn moment, and now we get to see it play out on the cover of Vogue Brasil.
  • At Harvard, Natalie Portman admits to what many of us feel: Impostor syndrome

    Many of us have felt, at some point, that we haven't truly earned our accomplishments. Part of impostor syndrome's power is believing that the ultra-successful never feel like frauds.