• Forgotten Corvette collection emerges from the dust after 25 years

    Peter Max was not a car guy. So when he purchased a collection of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes, one from every year of manufacture up until 1989, he had a very specific plan: He would use this slice of American history as a tool to self-promote his work as an artist, painting the machines in lurid colors while staging them in various oddball scenarios only the most expressive of minds could envision.
  • The $3,600 Halloween Costume: Video

    The average American will spend $80 on their Halloween costumes this year. Wall Street heavy weights, city socialites, and celebrities will spend thousands to glam up for the big day. Bloomberg's Stephanie Ruhle visits Manhattan's most iconic costume shop, Abracadabra, with owner Robert Pinzon. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • How Low Can Gold Prices Go?: Video

    In today's "Bart Chart," Bloomberg's Mark Barton takes a look at gold as it pertains to the dollar, rising equities and tame inflation. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Seeing Halloween, as if for the First Time

    Halloween is built on contradiction: We put on disguises to reveal an inner truth about ourselves. Maybe it's our Slutty Witch side; maybe a superhero, ghoul, cowboy or Slick Rick (the obvious choice for urban trick-or-treaters). In exchange for our costumed confession, neighbors who otherwise care about our well-being lard us with outrageously unhealthy candy.
  • Garry Winogrand - Garry Winogrand: Visions from the Street, Portraits of America | LensCulture

    Sometimes I feel like...the world is a place I bought a ticket to...It's a big show for me, as if it wouldn't happen if I wasn't there with a camera. -Garry Winogrand [above: a video included at the exhibition.] Garry Winogrand didn't believe in teachers. He didn't believe in school.
  • It Broke Her Heart Seeing Her Daughter's Facebook Page, Asking For Someone To Please Be Her Friend

    This young woman is now using her story in the most positive way possible. Both mom and daughter speak publicly in schools and other venues so that other young people won't make the same tragic mistake. She's making a difference. Next bit of Upworthiness:
  • The Top-Earning Dead Musicians Of 2014

    It’s been more than five years since his passing, but Michael Jackson remains royalty among postmortem earners, pulling in triple-digit millions every full year since his death.
  • Disney Princesses Are Great Role Models, Right? Ahem. Let's See Their Life Skills In Action.

    Although we might dream of a fairy-tale life now and then, I think we can agree that these popular princess characters have nothing to do with real women's experiences. Seeing what they'd be like if they were real is pretty funny. (We are so not like that, right ladies?)
  • Celebrating Helena Rubinstein at the Jewish Museum

    "Women who visit the salons on a regular basis develop a sense of discrimination and appreciation," the cosmetics magnate Helena Rubinstein once wrote.
  • A Brie Binge East of Paris

    Two summers ago, in a village outside Coulommiers, an old market town an hour east of Paris, an old love affair of mine came back to life.