• Breast cancer charity refuses cash from nude student calendar - DutchNews.nl

    The Pink Ribbon breast cancer foundation has refused to accept money donated by a group of male students who produced a nude calendar to raise funds, RTL Nieuws reported on Thursday. The four students decided to pose for the calendar after one of their mother's died of breast cancer, the broadcaster said.
  • How To Improve User Experience By Analytics?

    The true Analytics facts can assist you to increase user experience for your app by offering valuable perceptions about the users and their prospects.
  • Krystyna Pronko - Psalm stojacych w kolejce

  • From IRENA SENDLER In the Name of Their Mothers

  • Saga prastarej puszczy 10 Opowiesc o rysiu

  • Can wild seeds save us from food apocalypse?

    Trapped by Hitler's soldiers during the brutal winter of 1941-42, a band of Russian botanists faced a terrible choice. For more than a decade, workers at the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry had been gathering seeds from all over the world and carefully preserving them in a locked vault.
  • How a dog's mind can easily be controlled

    The placebo effect is a strange and still not entirely understood quirk of medicine. On the face of it, someone's health should not improve if they are given a simple sugar pill instead of a tablet carrying a drug. But sometimes it does.
  • A 2,000-year-old unsolved mystery

    As my train from Hamburg to Denmark chugged past soggy green fields and sun-dappled birch forests, we passed yet another willow-shrouded bog topped with blue green algae or tidy duckweed. Even from the moving train, I could sense they were dark and gentle places, peaceful waterholes like the one I imagine Hamlet's ill-fated lover Ophelia drowned in near Elsinore.
  • China officials confess to corruption in new TV series - BBC News

    A new television series showing corrupt Chinese officials making confessions has proved a hit, officials say. More than 10 disgraced figures will appear over eight episodes of Always on the Road - a reference to the government's wide-ranging crackdown on corruption in the Communist Party.
  • The passenger train created to carry the dead

    For 87 years, nearly every day, a single train ran out of London and back. It left from a dedicated station near Waterloo built specifically for the line and its passengers. The 23-mile journey, which had no stops after leaving London, took 40 minutes.

    Formerly Known as “Elite Motivated”, The New Jersey Native is Set to Drop First Single Later This Month
  • Karate Woman breaks Assailant's Nose

    "I had my earphones in and didn't know he was there until he threw me to the ground," says Taela Davis, 25, of Australia in a heraldsun.com article.

    With Video’s Reaching 20 Million Views From Her Sensational Cover of Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep” to Performing on Germany’s “Superkids”, the Young Star is Certainly Turning Heads
  • BARWY WSPOMNIEN film online lektor PL

  • An ancient world concealed underground

    In cities as old as Naples, residents have become used to unearthing classical Roman treasures, antiquated cisterns and other historic artefacts underneath their homes when it comes time to renovate.
  • The man who plans a record-breaking wingsuit flight

    Pinned in place, like a moth in a specimen case, a man in a skydiver's wingsuit is taking the full force of the 90mph (135km/h) air blast in the University of Southampton's RJ Mitchell Wind Tunnel.
  • Children in Calais Jungle to arrive in UK 'in days' - BBC News

    British and French officials have begun registering unaccompanied children in the Calais "Jungle" who are hoping to join relatives in Britain. A significant number of child refugees will arrive in the UK from the migrant camp within days, the BBC understands. Officials have been focusing first on unaccompanied minors who have the right to join relatives under EU legislation.
  • Beata Tyszkiewicz i Tomek Makowiecki Tych dwoje Muzyka z serca 2011

  • Mosques baffled by SGP plan to ban calls to prayer: we don't do it in NL, they say - DutchNews.nl

    The Dutch Moroccan Mosque Council said on Friday afternoon it is baffled by calls from a fundamentalist Christian party for a ban on the call to prayer. The SGP, which believes the Netherlands should be run according to Biblical principles, said on Friday that it is including a ban on mosques calling people to attend services in its manifesto for the 2017 general election.
  • Wilders' trial for inciting hatred to go ahead, court rules - DutchNews.nl

    The trial of Geert Wilders for inciting racial hatred will go ahead, judges said on Friday. His lawyer, Geert-Jan Knoops had submitted a motion calling for the trial to stop, arguing that it would effectively be a political assessment of the manifesto of Wilders' far-right party, the PVV.
  • The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2016

    These 13 celebrities are still raking in big bucks... despite the fact that they're dead. This year's list contains three new additions who passed just this year.
  • Nicole Kidman Almost Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction (But Still Looks Statuesque)

    If you wear something daring, you’d better be prepared for possible sharing. And Nicole Kidman almost shared a lot on Wednesday night at the premiere of her new film, Lion.
  • Hannity: WikiLeaks uncovered bombshell Clinton revelations

    Newt Gingrich reacts on 'Hannity' to WikiLeaks release of emails allegedly belonging to Clinton's campaign chair.
  • 5 Richest Female Billionaires In America 2016

    The 5 richest women on the Forbes 400 made their fortunes in candy, media, and more.
  • Apple Loop: New iPhone 8 Leaks, Apple's Latest Victory Against Samsung, Fixing The Flawed iPhone 7

    Tthis week's Apple Loop includes leaks and rumors around next year's iPhone 8, a reminder on how Apple makes money, questioning Siri's stupidity, more sensors packed under the curved glass, Apple and Samsung's latest court adventures, the increasing prominence of iPhone 6 Touch Disease, the smart case that fixes three major iPhone 7 problems, and a look at who durable the Jet Black iPhone 7 actually is.
  • New dating app wants to throw 'swipe culture' to the curb

    Hinge CEO Justin McLeod on what differentiates the company's dating app from the competition.
  • Dakota Johnson Wore a Gucci Jacket We Want to Borrow Now

    Looks as if Dakota Johnson is having herself quite a time in New York City, twirling around town with her homie Taylor Swift and her gaggle of pretty, famous friends.
  • CNN President says network made 'mistake' in airing too much Donald Trump

    There's less than a month to go until Election Night, and the head of one of the nation's largest TV news networks has admitted that it has made a mistake in its coverage.
  • Did Paul Ryan make a mistake not supporting Trump?

    Radio Talk Show Host Adriana Cohen and Washington Bureau Chief at Daniel Halper on Speaker Paul Ryan pulling his support for Donald Trump.
  • Italian Singer Alessandro Coli Releases New Track “I Betcha” with NY Area Performances

    Having Recently Arrived in New York, He’s Landed An Exclusive Video Feature on MySpace, Radio and TV Appearances, and Will Perform Live on Long Island This Thursday, Friday and Saturday Oct 13-15