• Iggy Azalea - Team (Dance Video)

  • Julia Pietrucha - Album

  • Where to find life in the blackest vacuum of outer space

    When we think about whether or not aliens exist, we generally imagine them on a vaguely Earth-like planet circling a distant star. We do not normally think of them living out in space itself. But maybe that is not such a ridiculous idea.
  • The amazing chemistry of candyfloss

    Candyfloss - or cotton candy to Americans - is a singular sort of confection. The fluffy carnival treat is like nothing else edible. What else feels lighter than air in your hand and seems to evaporate once it gets past your lips, leaving only sweetness and red dye?
  • A Teenage Photographer Witnessing Syria's War

    The Turkish photographer Furkan Temir was still a teenager as he watched his country's Kurdish population swell because of civilians fleeing the civil war in neighboring Syria. Unable to ignore his urge to document the situation in 2014, he left home one day, telling his parents he was going to school.
  • twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • D.C Just Got a Little SeXier with #SXintheCity

    SX Liquors Takes on Washington D.C with Tastings, Block Parties, and More!
  • Merrick’s Annual Kid’s Spring Festival to Include Kid-Friendly Live Music, Including City Alley, Keri Wirth, and Spin DJ Academy

    On Top of Great Music, Kids Can Enjoy Rides, Games, Food, and More!
  • Lego admits 'mistake' in Ai Weiwei row - BBC News

    Lego's decision to reject Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's request for a bulk order of its bricks last year was a "mistake", the toy firm has admitted. Vice-Chairman Kirk Kristiansen told The Wall Street Journal an employee had misinterpreted the company's policy on political neutrality.
  • Freedom of speech cannot be bargained with, says Dutch foreign minister - DutchNews.nl

    The Dutch government considers freedom of speech and the freedom of the press to be fundamental values which cannot be used as bargaining chips, foreign minister Bert Koenders said a briefing to parliament on Thursday. 'We do not bargain with fundamental values, even if we are making agreements with a country about other issues' Koeners said.
  • Brussels takes the Netherlands to court over railway rules - DutchNews.nl

    The European Commission has decided to take the Netherlands to court for failing to comply with EU legislation on rail services. The Netherlands, the commission says, has failed to establish an independent rail safety body and an accident investigation body in line with EU rules.
  • Rotterdam port officials find cocaine worth €100m hidden in boxes - DutchNews.nl

    Customs officials in Rotterdam have discovered 2,900 kilos of cocaine hidden in a shipping container at the city's port. The drugs were disguised in boxes packed in a shipment of household goods. The container was shipped to the Netherlands from Curacao and was destined for the German town of Kranenburg.
  • Parents: do You know your Teen's Social Media Platforms?

    With all the apps out there that individualize communication preferences among teens, such as limiting "sharing," parents should still hold their breath. Face it, parents: times have changed. It's your duty to discuss these applications with your kids. And parents should also familiarize themselves with the so-called temporary apps.
  • Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2015)

    I know a lot of other videos out there have some of these clips in them (some far more artfully done by the way! ) ... but I wanted one with ALL of them spliced together chronologically because I think the story they tell is really fascinating and inspiring.
  • How 5 Turbines Will Power Block Island, RI

    Deepwater Wind is bringing offshore wind farms to America, and CEO Jeff Grybowski has big plans to expand beyond the Block Island site. In just a few years, Deepwater Wind will be responsible for over 100 offshore turbines that will provide power to New York and New England.
  • Tesla planning cheaper EV that 'most people can afford'

    Turns out the Model 3 isn't going to be Tesla's most affordable model. Go figure.
  • Have A Whale Of A Time Whale-Watching

    Posted: There are few experiences as exhilarating and memorable as watching a whale in its natural habitat.
  • Long Island’s Legendary DJ Theo to Honor Nile Rodgers Along with Former Lead Singer of Chic, Sylver Logan Sharp

  • Hauppauge’s Chamber of Horrors NY Gearing Up For A Frighteningly Exciting 2016 Season

  • Rick’s Rising Stars Returns to Revolution Bar & Music Hall Wednesday, May 4th with Blue Movie, Terra Stigma, Corvaa, and The Haunting

  • Wing Hunters College Wing Eating Championships Soar at The Madison Theatre, Molloy College for Second Year in A Row

  • Celebrate 100 years of adventure with the National Park Service

    What's so vast and encompassing that it includes historic icons like the Statue of Liberty, cultural treasures like the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and awe-inspiring natural wonders like the Grand Canyon? The National Park Service!
  • Yes, Macs Can get Malware

    So Macs can be infected with malware. Who would have ever thought? The malware at issue here is the dreaded ransomware. Ransomware scrambles up your files, and the hacker at the helm says he'll give you the cyber "key" in exchange for a handsome payment.
  • Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Official video)

  • Two Michelin-Starred Chefs Have Perfected the Roast Beef Dinner

    At Mr. Donahue's, the chefs behind a Thai hotspot serve heaped plates of American comfort food.
  • Yao Ming Gets Blocked in China

    At 7'6", Yao Ming wasn't often blocked during his Hall of Fame NBA career. But Chinese politics are a different matter, as Yao learned this week when the state-owned China Basketball Association (CBA) rebuffed the superstar's attempt to take the league private and remodel it in the image of the profitable NBA.
  • Prince Died Without A Will, But There Will Be Taxes

    Prince’s death was a shock, and now there is another as court documents go on file. Probate documents filed in court say that Prince died without a will.
  • iPhone 7 Leak Reports A Major Change Is Coming To The Home Button

    Several rumors have been surfacing about the next iPhone — which is expected to be called iPhone 7 — such as a dual-lens camera on the larger version, the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the addition of a second speaker at the bottom of the devices, waterproof and dust-proof ratings and a Smart Connector.
  • How To Rebuild Your Mojo After Escaping A Toxic Workplace

    If you recently escaped from a toxic workplace, congratulations! Isn’t the air fresh and nice out here? You are a superstar!